Monday, 23 July 2012

Tony Fawaz – A Successful Business Person

Tony Fawaz has been noted for his shrewd business strategies and for his foresight. This time too, Tony Fawaz’s investments are expected to bring him great returns. Tony Fawaz investor is an Arab-American and he is the founder and the owner of Alamo Flags in the US.  Alamo Flag is also a very successful business and his company supplies flags to the Whitehouse. Alamo flags is based in Dallas. His recent interests however have been shifted to Brisbane investments. He is likely to hit a jackpot with his latest investments.
Highly reputed Tony Fawaz, initially wanted to become a baseball player. He took on to the name Tony after the suggestion of his boxing coach, as he wanted something that sounded tough in the ring.
Tony Fawaz is very hard-working and does not put his superiority of being highly successful business person. He is very polite and down to earth person. He does not mind taking and attending his sales calls directly. He has earned a reputation among fellow investors and business persons. Tony Fawaz handles all his dealings with such a great integrity that contributed to his reputation.

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